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At TYMBA, we are dedicated to providing important information on choral music and marching bands in the UK. We have a wide focus on the effect of choral and marching band music on tradition and well-being in today’s world. We are constantly looking for more writers to join our team in informing the public of the latest news about the organisations involved in these musical activities.

As TYMBA Blog strives to release information about the presence of choirs and marching bands in the UK, you can learn all about the traditions and culture behind choirs and marching bands.

Any writer wanting to join our team of writers will need to reside in the UK in order to be considered, as we only strive to release information that is based on experience.

Especially with marching bands, there are many traditions that are playing a major role in their formation and popularity throughout history. There are many different topics that we strive to bring to the attention of fans and members of choir music and marching bands. To be considered as a writer for TYMBA Blog, you will need to pass examinations on your language skills as well as knowledge of the topics we cover on the blog.

We require writers who have knowledge and experience in choral and marching band music. If you believe that you have what it takes to write informative articles about the topics we cover, get in contact with us on our contact page.

We strive to release information that is interesting, beneficial to the choir and marching band members, and the overall loave of these activities by the public.