Most Prestigious British Choirs

Choirs have long been actively involved in keeping traditional music alive and well. Whether watching an event or a movie, you must have heard these choirs in action. By closely following these choirs, you will be able to experience a whole new world of choral music.

These choirs are among the most prestigious choirs in the UK.

London City Voices

The London City Voices is one of the most popular Choirs in the UK not only for the spectacular experience of listening to the singers but also for joining as a singer. The choir allows their singers to enrol in workshops where they can learn more about reading music and how to improve their singing techniques.

The Bach Choir

The Bach Choir is well known for its involvement in the entertainment industry through films and television. The choir has been involved with films such as Robin Hood and The Chronicles in Narnia and has worked with The Rolling Stones.

East Riding Country Choir

The East Riding Country Choir was established in 1957 and recently celebrated its 60th birthday with a performance of Verdi’s Requiem. They have performed some of the most major choral works and meet during the spring and winter terms to rehearse for a variety of concerts taking place across the UK.

London Oriana

The London Oriana Choir provide some of the most exceptional choral performances in the UK. They perform through concert halls, cathedrals and other venues throughout the UK and abroad. Their repertoire spans the centuries, from the Renaissance to the modern days and provides the listener with a chance to listen to renditions of Bach, Mozart, Handel, and contemporary commissions.

The choirs mentioned on this list are seen as some of the historical contributors to choir music and work in many different art forms, including theatre and film.