If you are a choir member or interested in joining a choir, it’s a good idea to stay up to date on the latest news around activities and events organised by choirs in the UK.

The blogs on this list are all focused on choral music and marching bands.

Tenebrae Choir –

The Tenebrae Choir blog was established in 2013 and formed into an award-winning choir under the direction of Nigel Short. The blog provides information to readers about the choir, upcoming events, ensembles, and the world of choral music.

Pink Singers –

The Pink Singers blog is the main website for The Pink Singers choir based in London. The choir has been active since 1983 and releases up-to-date information on their activities and events as well as news on choral music. The blog frequently posts new articles to keep its readers updated.

The Choir with No Name –

The Choir with No Name is a non-profit organisation that runs choirs for homeless and marginalised individuals in the UK. The blog owners are a diverse team of individuals who want to provide those in need with a chance to be entertained through beautiful music. The blog posts regular updates on their latest gatherings and choir events.

Easy Choir Music –

Easy Choir Music is dedicated to helping those who are interested in joining choirs and those who are already in choirs to improve their techniques. Even if you are a choirmaster, this blog can help you to manage and promote the choir better.

Visit any of the blogs on this list for a greater understanding of choral music and marching bands in the UK. If you are a writer with experience in choirs, find out how to join our writing team and share your knowledge.